An unforgettable English Summer Camp experience in Singapore.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is the universal language of business and trade. Being fluent and well-learned in the language then gives you an additional edge over others in both your studies and career.

Whether you are preparing for your university exam, want to be able communicate fluently in English or even looking to boost your future career prospects, we would strongly encourage you to learn English in an English-speaking country for the greatest effectiveness!

Why study English in Singapore?

With a long history of educational excellence and with English as the most widely spoken language, Singapore is the go-to destination for learning English. It is with no surprise that tens of thousands of students come to the country each year just to learn English!

Singapore is also one of the most exciting global city in the World! It is a country where East meets West, and where you can witness people of different cultures and religions living harmoniously in one place. Hence, you can also gain global exposure by immersing yourself in a cultural-rich environment!

The English Summer Camp aims to help non-native speakers learn and develop essential English skills including speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and pronunciation for everyday use.

Everything’s included in our English Summer Camp!
English lessons Daily lessons by experienced native English language teachers in the morning/ afternoon.
Flight & Transportation 2-way air tickets*, airport pick-up services, transportation card for use in Singapore
Accommodation Modern apartment with laundry and meals served.
Cultural Immersion & Recreational Activities Our local student guides will bring you to visit Singapore’s famous attractions, share with you Singapore’s diverse cultures and bring you to eat delicious local food!
Leadership Skills Learn about leadership and assume different leadership positions throughout the camp to emerge more confident and responsible!
Travel insurance Be worry-free when you're insured for your stay in Singapore

* Price listed is for two-way trip Ho Chi Minh-Singapore. If you are coming from other locations, please contact us for more information.

Program Fees
Duration Total Package
1 week 2,080 SGD
2 week 3,080 SGD
3 week 3,880 SGD
4 week 4,580 SGD

Interested? Apply now and reserve your slot! Limited spaces are available.