What is Flying Chalks Japanese Language Program?

In partnership with the top universities and institutions in Japan, Flying Chalks Japanese Language Program immerses you in up to 4 hours of Japanese language lessons daily from Monday to Friday for as short as 4 weeks, up to a year! 

As part of the program, there are also special cultural activities, field trips and workshops aimed at enhancing your learning by providing experiential learning experiences. Activities can include Cherry Blossom Viewing, learning traditional Japanese musical instruments and more! 

Program Details and Fees

👇 ISI Program Brochure (for learning period of 4 weeks to 6 months)

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👇 Waseda University Program Brochure (for learning period of 6 months to 1 year)

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Why should you apply?

Facilitated by top Japanese universities and academic institutions 
Native Japanese instructors with rich teaching experience
 Official Certificate issued by the university/institution upon completion of the course useful for your future studies or career plans in Japan
 Attend classes with peers from all around the world
 Participate in the program's field trips, cultural activities and workshops 

How to apply?

At Flying Chalks, our priority is to ensure that students are well informed of their eligibility and suitability for programs before they actually apply in order to avoid students not meeting the minimum criteria and qualifications to be admitted to the programs. This is why before students formally apply to their programs, our Flying Chalks Admission Team conduct an Eligibility Assessment for our students. During this Assessment, we closely evaluate each student's motivations and unique profile to determine whether the student is eligible and suitable for the programs the student intends to apply for.


Because we are able to determine if you are suitable for the program prior to the actual application, Flying Chalks guarantees you admission* to these highly coveted programs. If you are not admitted, we will give you a full refund of your application fee!
*Guaranteed admission is only offered on the condition that students fully comply with Flying Chalks' instructions and requests.


If you are ready to venture on your language learning adventures, you can start your application process with us by going ahead with the Eligibility Assessment. 

Still unsure, have questions and want to find out more? Get in touch with one of our consultants!


Are there any placement tests?
You will need to do a placement test unless you are planning to enrol into the Level 1 (Basic 1) course or can provide a certificate with the stated level of your Japanese language proficiency.

Will I get to interact with Japanese students or only international students when doing this program?
Your classes will have students from all over the world and will be held at the university campus or academic institution. This means that while your classmates may not be Korean, studying in Japan will give you plenty of opportunities to make Japanese friends outside of class!

Are there scholarships available for this program?
Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available for language programs.

Will I be able to join student clubs/organizations at the university?
Yes, you will be officially registered as a student of the university and as such be eligible to join student clubs, organizations, communities and many more.