Home to several internationally recognised universities, South Korea has gained extensive acclaim as a top overseas study destination for students. Aside from being more affordable compared to studying in the United States or United Kingdom, the nation also offers a rich and vibrant culture for students to immerse themselves in. Bonus points for studying in Korea if you’re a fan of K-pop, Korean dramas, Korean variety shows and yummy Korean food!

However, we understand that there are challenges you face:

  1. Your school is unable to help you in your application because they are not a partner of the Korean university you would like to go.
  2. Your home university is a partner university but has limited slots available for you and your friends.
  3. Beyond the university application, you need help in other related areas such as applying for your VISA, finding your desired accommodation and seeking out opportunities to interact with local students!


Flying Chalks outing in Busan, South Korea.


How we can help you:

  1. Finding your preferred university
    There are more than 220 private and national universities in South Korea. And with these many options available, finding the one university that suits best could be a major dilemma. Tap on our local knowledge to narrow down the choices and determine which university is best suited for you.
  2. Higher admission success rate
    Don’t take the risk. Leverage on our expertise and wide network of university partners in South Korea to enjoy a much higher chance of admission success than if you were to do it via other options!
  3. English-speaking local support team
    Avoid all the unnecessary confusion and frustration with direct access to our English-speaking team based in Korea. Simply reach out to them whenever you need advice during your studies in Korea and be assured a prompt response.
  4. Comprehensive coverage of supporting services
    Studying abroad involves so much more work than just your university application. Fret not as we assist you in your VISA application, accommodation search, settling in, amongst many others! You can refer to the table below for more information.