What is Flying Chalks Korean Language Online Program?

Partnered with Hanyang University, Flying Chalks Korean Language Online Program immerses you in 4 hours of Korean language lessons daily from Monday to Friday for the duration of 10 weeks. At the end of the program, you would have accumulated 200 hours of Korean language lessons.

The program is conducted entirely online with classes being taught "live" as if you are physically in the classroom in South Korea! This means that the class timings and schedule correspond to the actual class timings of in-person classes in South Korea.


Why should you apply?

Facilitated by Hanyang University, ranked among the top 5 universities in South Korea
Native Korean instructors from Hanyang University with rich teaching experience
 Official Certificate issued by the University upon completion of the course; useful for your future studies or          career plans in South Korea
 Enjoy lower fees compared to regular in-person programs
 Get a full learning experience of an in-person class from the comforts of your home

Program Details and Fees

Class Times and Levels
The programs offers 7 levels of proficiency: Basic Level 1 & 2, Intermediate Level 1 & 2, Advanced Level 1, 2 & 3
Choose between two class periods*:

  1. Morning Class: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM KST (Korea time)
  2. Afternoon Class: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM KST (Korea time)

Program Intake and Fees

UniversityIntakeTuition Fee per semesterAdditional Fees

Hanyang University 
Ranked among Top 5 Universities in South Korea
Link to brochure: Click here

Spring: 4 Mar to 14 May 2024
Summer: 3 Jun to 12 Aug 2024
Fall: 2 Sep to 15 Nov 2024
Winter: 4 Dec 2024 to 17 Feb 2025

~1,380 USD** 
Advanced 3 level: ~1,030 USD**
One-time Application Fee of 135 USD
One-time Program Fee of 580 USD

*Class timings are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
**All fees are subject to change due to regular revisions by Korean universities and exchange rate fluctuations. Please allow for a bracket of 5%

Note: Additional fees are paid only once regardless of how many semesters you apply for and the proficiency level of your program.


How to apply?

At Flying Chalks, our priority is to ensure that students are well informed of their eligibility and suitability for programs before they actually apply in order to avoid students not meeting the minimum criteria and qualifications to be admitted to the programs. This is why before students formally apply to their programs, our Flying Chalks Admission Team together with our specialists in Korea conduct an Eligibility Assessment for our students. During this Assessment we closely evaluate each student's motivations and unique profile to determine whether the student is eligible and suitable for the programs the student intends to apply for.


Because we are able to determine if you are suitable for the program prior to the actual application, Flying Chalks guarantees you admission* to these highly coveted programs. If you are not admitted, we will give you a full refund of your application fee!
*Guaranteed admission is only offered on the condition that students submit all requested documents and information on time.


If you are ready to venture on your language learning adventures, you can directly start your application process with us by signing up for the Eligibility Assessment. 

Still unsure, have questions or want to find out more? Get in touch with one of our consultants!


Are there any placement tests?
You will need to do a placement test unless you are planning to enrol into the Level 1 (Basic 1) course or can provide a certificate with the stated level of your Korean language proficiency.

Are the classes recorded? Can I do the classes at my own pace?
No. While the classes are conducted online, they are taught live as if you were sitting physically in the classroom in South Korea. This means that you will have to be online and show up for the class when the class starts. If you miss the class, there will be no recordings for you to re-watch after the class ends.

Are there scholarships available for this program?
Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available for language programs.

By Vito Chua
Korean Language Online Program

Melvin has been so helpful and patient with my application process and transition to Korea. He is truly an asset to Flying Chalks!

By Denise Chan
Korean Language Online Program

Just like the other reviews here, I'm glad to say that I have also gotten a positive experience with the Flying Chalks team! Very patient with fast and detailed responses. Special thanks to Melvin for the guidance and help with the school application process!

By Nuned Ctp
Korean Language Online Program

Their online consultation is free, convenient and very informative! Definitely should check them out!