Studying in South Korea has become an increasingly popular option for students as it is home to several internationally renowned universities, is a much more affordable option as compared to studying in the United States or United Kingdom, and offers a rich and vibrant culture for students to immerse themselves in! Bonus points for studying in Korea if you are a fan of K-pop, Korean dramas and variety shows, or even Korean food!

However, studying in the country may offer significant challenges given the language barrier and cultural differences. In addition, there may also be limited opportunities for you to meet and interact with local students and other international students studying in the country. Flying Chalks solves all these potential problems and ensures that you have a great overseas studies experience with our comprehensive range of services!

Flying Chalks outing in Busan, South Korea.

Why us?

  1. We have specialized teams based in Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea, where we tap on our local knowledge to assist you in everything from applying to universities and getting your VISA, to securing an accommodation and sharing with you local information.
  2. Receive invites to outings specially organized by our local student ambassadors to assure you of a great overseas study experience! You can get to meet Koreans and other international students, learn more about Korean culture, explore the country and have loads of fun :D
  3. Enjoy exclusive discounts to attraction tickets, tours, transportation and even K-pop concert tickets!

Provide us with your contact details in the “Learn More” link below and our program consultants will be in touch with you shortly. 

By Katelyn Hart
Student from United States, 21 years old Study Abroad in South Korea

Flying Chalks helped me with my biggest struggle of accommodation, when applying for international student exchange in Korea. I began looking for accommodation options quite late, so many student accommodations were already full. I was struggling to find a place reputable for hosting international students, especially because of the language barrier. I came across Flying Chalks on a Facebook page, and put in an application for accommodation placement. They were very quick to respond, and offered me options close to my university in Korea, as well as assistance in confirming the place and liaising with the host on my behalf. This made the whole process so much smoother. Along with the university guide on their website that helped me prepare better for my Korea exchange university, it was really a great service experience!