Home to many internationally-recognised universities, South Korea has gained extensive acclaim as a top study abroad destination for students. Aside from being more affordable compared to studying in the United States or United Kingdom, the nation also offers a rich and vibrant culture for students to immerse themselves in. Click here for more reasons on why you should study abroad in South Korea!  

However, as much as we would all like to have a perfect study abroad experience, studying in a foreign country poses inevitable challenges arising from language barriers and cultural differences. In addition, we are likely to be unfamiliar with things such as VISA application, securing our desired accommodation and where the opportunities to interact with local students lie. This is where Flying Chalks steps in to help you design the best study abroad experience with our comprehensive range of services!

Flying Chalks outing in Busan, South Korea.

How we can help you:

  1. Finding your preferred university
    There are more than 220 private and national universities in South Korea. And with these many options available, finding the one university that suits best could be a major dilemma. Tap on our local knowledge to narrow down the choices and determine which university is best suited for you.
  2. Higher admission success rate
    Don't take the risk. Leverage on our expertise and wide network of university partners in South Korea to enjoy a much higher chance of admission success than if you were to do it via other options!
  3. Scholarship opportunities
    Be informed on scholarships that the universities are offering and have us help you with your application to increase your chances of receiving it! 
  4. English-speaking local support team
    Avoid all the unnecessary confusion and frustration with direct access to our English-speaking team based in Korea. Simply reach out to them in times of emergencies or whenever you need advice during your studies in Korea, and be assured a prompt response.
  5. Comprehensive coverage of supporting services
    Studying abroad involves so much more work than just your university application. Fret not as we assist you in your VISA application, accommodation search, settling in, amongst many others! Fill up the enquiry form below to find out more.


For more information, check out our "All-you-need-to-know guides to studying in Korea"!







    By Tatianna Jumpp
    Study Abroad in Korea

    By far one of the best companies to help you with your study abroad needs. I found them through an add and they were very good with communication with how to pay and plan for my trip. They helped me with the whole process of applying and finding a school. They also helped me with finding a new place to stay when I was having issues with my first place or residence.

    Definitely recommend flying chalks and will be using them in the future with the continuation of my studies. I went to Hanyang University for their language program. It was very fun I was able to join the clubs on campus as well and made many Korean friends no problem. Can’t wait till next time!!

    By Janna Kok
    Study Abroad in Korea

    From the application process all the way till acceptance and even post-acceptance stage, Jason has provided me with so much help! I'll forever be thankful for his prompt and kind replies, and he is very understanding of each student's circumstances and woes. His guidance has definitely allowed me to kickstart and ease into my study abroad life much more easily and comfortably. You can definitely tell that Jason really cares for each of the students he manages 🙂 Thank you so much Jason! And I'm really thankful to have met you in aiding my study abroad journey~ God Bless.

    By Andrea Marie Eide Engeseth
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Very helpful and fast responses. My consultant, Jason, helped me with applications for the school and visa.As well as with preparing for travelling and accomodation! Very grateful that I have them!

    By Ben Yap
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Flying Chalks is very good at what they do and are able to help with many different steps of the process, from applying to the school, accommodation, visa, and so on. But I would suggest that by the nature of what they are doing, it's not just 'admin'. They are actually helping people to realize their dreams. Thanks guys for everything. Until next time.

    By Everest Lim
    Study Abroad in Korea

    As someone who has always been interested in Arts, especially Film & Theatre, going to South Korea has always been at the top of my mind with their vibrant and highly developed Arts industry. However, it is difficult to obtain information about which schools offer the program I wanted and what would be recommended as most of it was in Korean. Thankfully, I came across Flying Chalks’ advertisement and safe to say they were a major help in helping me select the school of my choice and getting me successfully admitted! Do contact them too if you are in a similar situation like me!

    By Dao Duy Thanh
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Pleasant and fast response from the company, even replying me late in the middle of the night! Thank you for helping me study in Korea and supporting me whenever I encounter any issues with my school or accommodation.

    By Denise Chan
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Just like the other reviews here, I'm glad to say that I have also gotten a positive experience with the Flying Chalks team! Very patient with fast and detailed responses. Special thanks to Melvin for the guidance and help with the school application process!

    By See Weykang
    Study Abroad in Korea

    I have always been curious and had some interest in studying overseas. However, I only started my research quite late when I was nearly graduating and had to choose where to go for my university studies. My friend introduced me to an online consultation with Flying Chalks and that is where it all changed. Many things I thought about studying overseas such as it being expensive and having to do many things by myself were wrong. They provided with all the information I needed and was able to guide me through the whole process until I have successfully studied abroad. Without their help, I probably would not have embarked on this amazing study abroad journey!

    By Angel Grace
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Quality service from the Flying Chalks team! Truly appreciate the speedy replies as well as the detailed information they provided me even though I was clueless on where to begin asking. Sincerely recommend their services as it helped me a ton and now I'm ready to study overseas next month!

    By Vito Chua
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Melvin has been so helpful and patient with my application process and transition to Korea. He is truly an asset to Flying Chalks!

    By Nuned Ctp
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Their online consultation is free, convenient and very informative! Definitely should check them out!

    By Oboy Kelolo
    Study Abroad in Korea

    I am a huge fan of K-pop and K-culture, so living and studying abroad in Korea has always been my dream!! However, I knew nothing about what it is like to live or study there and felt very nervous. My first consultation call with Roy was very helpful and he was able to answer questions I had about the Korean lifestyle and education system to ease my worries. He shared many great tips and recommendations for housing, daily expenses, and even food! He and their Korea team took care of me throughout the whole process, from start to finish. 10/10 I would recommend their great service!

    By Jab TeeBee
    Study Abroad in Korea

    I love the culture in Korea and had always wanted to study there. However, I wasn't sure I could as my grades weren’t that good and I have a limited budget. Thankfully, Flying Chalks’ staff gave me many recommendations and referred me to schools that both meet my budget and have a high chance of succeeding based on my grades! Furthermore, they assisted me through the whole process, from school and VISA applications to finding accommodation and more. What surprised me was that Flying Chalks even helped me secure a scholarship from my school! I would definitely recommend them if you're just like me looking to study overseas!

    By Alvin Quah
    Study Abroad in Korea

    Very Sincere and Helpful! They replied to my inquiry promptly. I requested for information about their services on studying abroad and got much more than I expected! They shared with me the impact of Covid-19 on studying abroad, gave me information about where I should stay, suggestions on courses and universities based on my interests and current field of studies. They staff went out of their way to help me with things that I couldn’t find on the internet. Special thanks to Melvin for tips and information about scholarships I could get for free!

    By Simen Arsland
    Student from Norway Exchange Program in South Korea

    Melvin Lee and his company, Flying Chalks, proved to be an invaluable resource for our exchange semester in Seoul. Him and his employees made it easy to find an accomodation and made it possible to communicate with our landlord even though his english skills were lackluster. He also made great recommendations of activities and nightlife in the area!

    By Vũ Hiền Phương
    Phụ huynh học sinh đến từ Việt Nam, 48 tuổi. Du học Hàn Quốc.

    Giống như các bậc phụ huynh khác, tôi đã rất lo lắng khi con gái đi du học tại Hàn Quốc. Nhưng cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, tôi đã yên tâm hơn rất nhiều. Tôi đã quyết định đúng khi tin tưởng hoàn toàn vào Flying Chalks. Con gái tôi đã sang Hàn học chương trình dự bị tiếng Hàn tại trường được gần 3 tháng. Với cách làm việc chuyên nghiệp, nhiệt tình và đặc biệt là có văn phòng đại diện ngay tại Hàn Quốc, Flying Chalks đã hỗ trợ con rất nhiều trong quá trình làm hồ sơ, xin VISA, xin học bổng và ngay cả khi sang đến bên Hàn Quốc, họ vẫn giữ liên lạc với chúng tôi và giúp con làm quen với cuộc sống mới, môi trường mới. Con cũng cảm thấy rất vui và không hề bị áp lực bởi chương trình học. Cảm ơn Flying Chalks rất nhiều!

    By Vu Hien Phuong
    Vietnam Student’s Parents, 48 years old Studying Abroad in Korea.

    Like other parents, I was also extremely worried when my daughter went to Korea to study. But now, I have had much more peace of mind. I was right when absolutely trusting in Flying Chalks. My daughter has been to Korea to study Korean for almost 3 months. With professionalism, enthusiasm, and a representative  office right in Korea, Flying Chalks have helped my daughter prepare documents, apply for VISA, apply for scholarship and even when she has come to Korea, they have still kept in touch with us and helped her get used to with new life, new environment. My daughter also feels very happy and feels no pressure of studying. Thank you so much, Flying Chalks!

    By Lê Hà An
    Sinh viên đến từ Việt Nam, 18 tuổi Du học sinh tại Hàn Quốc

    Mình đã quyết định chọn Hàn Quốc là nơi du học của mình. Mình đã gặp nhiều khó khăn khi mình chỉ nói được rất ít tiếng Hàn. Flying Chalks đã hỗ trợ mình rất nhiều từ xử lý hồ sơ, xin VISA, phỏng vấn với trường,…

    Mình đã bắt đầu 1 năm học tiếng Hàn tại trường và nhờ có Flying Chalks, chỉ trong vài tuần, mình đã bắt kịp được nhịp sống ở đây. Ngay từ khi mình đến Hàn Quốc, anh chị của Flying Chalks đã đến đón mình tại sân bay, vì thế mình không hề cảm thấy lo sợ và lạc lõng chút nào. Mình cũng đã được gặp các bạn sinh viên Hàn Quốc và tham gia  những buổi outing vô cùng thú vị cùng nhiều bạn sinh viên quốc tế khác như mình. Mình thực sự mong đợi 5 năm học tiếp theo của mình tại Hàn Quốc.

    By Le Ha An
    Student from Vietnam, 18 years old Study abroad in Korea

    I chose Korea as the destination for my studying abroad. I met a lot of troubles and difficulties because I could just speak  a little bit of Korean. And I found Flying Chalks and the team solved all my problems. They supported me a lot for applying for and interviewing with universities, applying for VISA, completing documents,…

    I have started my Korean program in one year at the university and thanks to Flying Chalks, just in few week, I have caught up with the pace of life here. When I came to Korea, they pick me up at the airport, so I didn’t feel lonely and scared. I have met a lot of Korean students and joined interesting outings with other international students like me. I absolutely look forward to my next 5 years in Korea.

    By Bennett Huyghebaert
    Student from Belgian, 21 years old Exchange Program in South Korea

    Me and my friend Miguel have settled very well in Seoul! Thank you again for everything, it was very well organised!

    Your service was very convenient and easy, the contact was very smooth and it was an overall good way to find an accommodation :)

    I will sure let other students know if they need a room!

    By Katelyn Hart
    Student from United States, 21 years old Study Abroad in South Korea

    Flying Chalks helped me with my biggest struggle of accommodation, when applying for international student exchange in Korea. I began looking for accommodation options quite late, so many student accommodations were already full. I was struggling to find a place reputable for hosting international students, especially because of the language barrier. I came across Flying Chalks on a Facebook page, and put in an application for accommodation placement. They were very quick to respond, and offered me options close to my university in Korea, as well as assistance in confirming the place and liaising with the host on my behalf. This made the whole process so much smoother. Along with the university guide on their website that helped me prepare better for my Korea exchange university, it was really a great service experience!