27 May 2024

Malaysia is a study-abroad destination that is affordable and maintains a high quality of education. When studying abroad in Malaysia, sorting out your accommodation is a key step. This article lists the accommodation options that international students typically go for in Malaysia! 


1. On-Campus Dormitories

Many Malaysian universities provide on-campus dorms. These are equipped with the basics – a bed, desk, and closet. The price is usually very cheap, at just 70-140 USD per month! This communal living experience can be particularly beneficial for students who are looking to build connections, make friends, and engage in various social activities. By living on campus, students can also further save on their expenses through fewer transport costs required.


Rooms - Sunway House

Sunway Residences, Malaysia. 


2. Off-Campus Accommodation

Next we have off-campus housing, which is suitable for students who would like greater privacy and better amenities, and are willing to spend more for their accommodation. 

The most common option would be to rent a room in a private apartment, where you can expect to pay between 150-300 USD in monthly rental. You'll be sharing common spaces like the kitchen and living room with fellow students. Renting a room in an apartment provides a balance between privacy and community living. 

A further upgrade would be to rent a studio apartment where you can have the entire living place to yourself. Monthly rental can be between 200-350 USD depending on the location and size of the apartment. 

Our top tip would also be to consider the facilities and amenities provided in your accommodation when budgeting for accommodation. You should factor in additional costs such as utilities (electricity, water, internet) and any maintenance fees. In addition, do consider how accessible it is to your school!  


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