Rumah bagi beberapa universitas yang diakui secara internasional, Korea Selatan telah mendapatkan pengakuan luas sebagai tujuan studi luar negeri bagi siswa. Selain lebih terjangkau dibandingkan dengan belajar di Amerika Serikat atau Inggris, bangsa ini juga menawarkan budaya yang kaya dan mendukung  siswa internasional untuk mempelajari tradisi mereka. Poin bonus untuk belajar di Korea jika Anda penggemar K-pop, Korea drama, variety show Korea dan makanan Korea yang lezat!

Namun, kami memahami bahwa ada tantangan yang akan anda hadapi:

  1. Sekolah anda tidak dapat membantu dalam aplikasi pendaftaran karena mereka bukan mitra universitas Korea yang ingin anda datangi.
  2. Universitas asal anda adalah universitas mitra tetapi memiliki slot terbatas yang tersedia untuk program pertukaran pelajar mereka.
  3. Di luar aplikasi universitas, anda memerlukan bantuan dibidang terkait lainnya seperti mengajukan permohonan untuk VISA, mencari akomodasi dan mencari peluang untuk berinteraksi dengan siswa lokal!

Flying Chalks outing in Busan, South Korea.


Bagaimana Kami membantu anda:

  1. Menemukan universitas terbaik untuk anda
    Ada lebih dari 220 universitas swasta dan nasional di Korea Selatan. Dan dengan banyak pilihan yang tersedia, menemukan satu universitas yang paling sesuai bisa menjadi dilema besar. Gunakan pengetahuan team lokal kami untuk mempersempit pilihan dan tentukan universitas mana yang paling cocok untuk Anda.
  2. Tingkat keberhasilan pendaftaran yang lebih tinggi
    Jangan ambil resiko. Manfaatkan keahlian dan jaringan mitra universitas kami yang luas di Korea Selatan untuk menikmati peluang keberhasilan masuk yang jauh lebih tinggi daripada jika anda melakukannya dengan opsi lain!
  3. Tim support lokal Korea yang dapat berbahasa Ingris
    Avoid all the unnecessary confusion and frustration with direct access to our English-speaking team based in Korea. Simply reach out to them whenever you need advice during your studies in Korea and be assured a prompt response.
  4. Cakupan layanan pendukung yang komprehensif
    Belajar di luar negeri melibatkan lebih banyak pekerjaan daripada hanya aplikasi universitas. Jangan khawatir karena kami membantu Anda dalam aplikasi VISA Anda, pencarian akomodasi, dan masih banyak lagi! Anda dapat melihat tabel di bawah ini untuk informasi lebih lanjut..

By Janna Kok
Study Abroad in Korea

From the application process all the way till acceptance and even post-acceptance stage, Jason has provided me with so much help! I'll forever be thankful for his prompt and kind replies, and he is very understanding of each student's circumstances and woes. His guidance has definitely allowed me to kickstart and ease into my study abroad life much more easily and comfortably. You can definitely tell that Jason really cares for each of the students he manages 🙂 Thank you so much Jason! And I'm really thankful to have met you in aiding my study abroad journey~ God Bless.

By Andrea Marie Eide Engeseth
Study Abroad in Korea

Very helpful and fast responses. My consutlant, Jason, helped me with applications for the school and visa.As well as with preparing for travelling and accomodation! Very grateful that I have them!

By Ben Yap
Study Abroad in Korea

Flying Chalks is very good at what they do and are able to help with many different steps of the process, from applying to the school, accommodation, visa, and so on. But I would suggest that by the nature of what they are doing, it's not just 'admin'. They are actually helping people to realize their dreams. Thanks guys for everything. Until next time.

By Everest Lim
Study Abroad in Korea

As someone who has always been interested in Arts, especially Film & Theatre, going to South Korea has always been at the top of my mind with their vibrant and highly developed Arts industry. However, it is difficult to obtain information about which schools offer the program I wanted and what would be recommended as most of it was in Korean. Thankfully, I came across Flying Chalks’ advertisement and safe to say they were a major help in helping me select the school of my choice and getting me successfully admitted! Do contact them too if you are in a similar situation like me!

By Dao Duy Thanh
Study Abroad in Korea

Pleasant and fast response from the company, even replying me late in the middle of the night! Thank you for helping me study in Korea and supporting me whenever I encounter any issues with my school or accommodation.

By Denise Chan
Study Abroad in Korea

Just like the other reviews here, I'm glad to say that I have also gotten a positive experience with the Flying Chalks team! Very patient with fast and detailed responses. Special thanks to Melvin for the guidance and help with the school application process!

By See Weykang
Study Abroad in Korea

I have always been curious and had some interest in studying overseas. However, I only started my research quite late when I was nearly graduating and had to choose where to go for my university studies. My friend introduced me to an online consultation with Flying Chalks and that is where it all changed. Many things I thought about studying overseas such as it being expensive and having to do many things by myself were wrong. They provided with all the information I needed and was able to guide me through the whole process until I have successfully studied abroad. Without their help, I probably would not have embarked on this amazing study abroad journey!

By Angel Grace
Study Abroad in Korea

Quality service from the Flying Chalks team! Truly appreciate the speedy replies as well as the detailed information they provided me even though I was clueless on where to begin asking. Sincerely recommend their services as it helped me a ton and now I'm ready to study overseas next month!


By Vito Chua
Study Abroad in Korea

Melvin has been so helpful and patient with my application process and transition to Korea. He is truly an asset to Flying Chalks!

By Nuned Ctp
Study Abroad in Korea

Their online consultation is free, convenient and very informative! Definitely should check them out!

By Oboy Kelolo
Study Abroad in Korea

I am a huge fan of K-pop and K-culture, so living and studying abroad in Korea has always been my dream!! However, I knew nothing about what it is like to live or study there and felt very nervous. My first consultation call with Roy was very helpful and he was able to answer questions I had about the Korean lifestyle and education system to ease my worries. He shared many great tips and recommendations for housing, daily expenses, and even food! He and their Korea team took care of me throughout the whole process, from start to finish. 10/10 I would recommend their great service!

By Jab TeeBee
Study Abroad in Korea

I love the culture in Korea and had always wanted to study there. However, I wasn't sure I could as my grades weren’t that good and I have a limited budget. Thankfully, Flying Chalks’ staff gave me many recommendations and referred me to schools that both meet my budget and have a high chance of succeeding based on my grades! Furthermore, they assisted me through the whole process, from school and VISA applications to finding accommodation and more. What surprised me was that Flying Chalks even helped me secure a scholarship from my school! I would definitely recommend them if you're just like me looking to study overseas!

By Alvin Quah
Study Abroad in Korea

Very Sincere and Helpful! They replied to my inquiry promptly. I requested for information about their services on studying abroad and got much more than I expected! They shared with me the impact of Covid-19 on studying abroad, gave me information about where I should stay, suggestions on courses and universities based on my interests and current field of studies. They staff went out of their way to help me with things that I couldn’t find on the internet. Special thanks to Melvin for tips and information about scholarships I could get for free!