Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the World in recent years. And given the similarities in culture, political system and policy towards economic development, many people view the country as "the next China" - one that is primed to be the next economic powerhouse and brimming with opportunities. As it follows, studying abroad in the country will allow you to not only better understand its potential, but also learn at top universities with highly affordable tuition fees!

As much as we would all like to have a perfect study abroad experience, studying in a foreign country poses inevitable challenges arising from language barriers and cultural differences. In addition, we are likely to be unfamiliar about things such as VISA application, securing our desired accommodation and where the opportunities to interact with local students students lie. This is where Flying Chalks steps in to help you design the best study abroad experience with our comprehensive range of services!

Flying Chalks in partnership with Vietnam National University, the top university in Vietnam!


How we can help you:

  1. Study Abroad Consultation
    Studying abroad in a developing country where English is not the native language can be challenging due to the lack of information and unfamiliarity with the local systems. Tap on our local knowledge to better understand the experience you can expect and determine which university is best suited for you.
  2. Higher admission success rate
    Don't take the risk. Leverage on our expertise and wide network of university partners in Vietnam to enjoy a much higher chance of admission success than if you were to do it via other options!
  3. Scholarship opportunities
    Be informed on scholarships that the universities are offering and have us help you with your application to increase your chances of receiving it! 
  4. English-speaking local support team
    Avoid all the unnecessary confusion and frustration with direct access to our English-speaking team based in Vietnam. Simply reach out to them in times of emergencies or whenever you need advice during your studies in Vietnam, and be assured a prompt response.
  5. Comprehensive coverage of supporting services
    Studying abroad involves so much more work than just your university application. Fret not as we assist you in your VISA application, accommodation search, settling in, amongst many others! Fill up the enquiry form below to find out more.


By Solomon Tan
Study Abroad in Vietnam

I didn’t know much about applying for schools overseas and even lesser about the process of obtaining a student visa. However, after a quick consultation with Flying Chalks I felt like I could trust them with helping me through the whole process of studying abroad. The team was very patient with me as I got my documents ready for the school and visa applications. The whole application was very smooth sailing, and I am still surprised at how many steps I have to take to study overseas - I may have never studied overseas if I did not find out about Flying Chalks!! Thank you, Flying Chalks~ And I love studying in Vietnam!