06 December 2017

Do you speak English, Chinese or Spanish? If you do, that’s great news because they are the top 3 languages currently spoken worldwide. If you don’t, it’s about time you learn one of them, and here are some of the many reasons why!  

You will have a serious advantage when searching for a job, especially since the number of employers preferring bilingual workers has doubled since 2010. in fact, you can communicate with the rest of the world at large, travel fearlessly, connect freely with locals, and appreciate their culture and lifestyle on a more personal level.

More about these Languages

  1.  Chinese (中文) 

At present, there are almost 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers, with roughly 1 billion speaking Mandarin. If you want to be the one in six people that speak the language, rise to the challenge and learn this tonal language with its pictographic characters.

  1. Spanish (Español)

With 440 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish will open up whole continents to you, as it is the primary language for most of South and Central America, Spain, and large parts of the US.

  1. English

370 million people are native English speakers, while half a billion people speak it as a second language. English is the modern language of business, travel and international relations, and will continue to dominate the world stage.

Raring to learn one of these languages now? Before you dive right into it, take a moment and count to 5 with us as we give you some valuable tips to guarantee you mastery of that language.


1. Choose the language which aligns best with your interests


Passion has a universal role in our ability to excel, and learning a new language is no exception. A definite must-have prior to learning a language is a strong sense of purpose as to why you’re learning it. Common sources of passion for people who picked up a new language include having a keen interest in the associated culture, want to have an immersive travelling experience, or desire to pursue a career in a foreign country. Being enthusiastic about the language will determine whether you see it through, so choose your language wisely.


2. Learning under the best teachers will be worth it.


Whatever you choose to learn, teachers are the people that will differentiate your learning journey. Which is why, finding experienced and supportive teachers that can adapt to suit your specific learning needs and guide you to achieve your best should be your next priority.


3. Learn in a group/with friends


Having a capable teacher is a good start, but isn’t all there is to learning a language well. To make the most out your learning, join a class rather than learn on your own. Having fellow students will make learning a whole lot more fun, and also gives you the chance to practice more and learn from other’s mistakes.


4. Immerse yourself in the learning.


Ultimately, a language is a skill, and there is only so much you can learn in the classroom. Understanding a language and actually speaking it are two very different things, and to progress from basic understanding to using it will require exposure. Hopefully, you did choose a language that you’re interested in, because this is where it comes into play. If you did, the simple things that will help you, such as watching programs, reading, or listening to music in the language will definitely get you conversing in it much quicker and also be enjoyable for you.


5. Practice, practice and more practice


Practice makes perfect, and there really is no better way to get that much-needed practice than to live in an environment where people speak the language that you’re learning. Being surrounded by people that are fluent in the language is a superb learning opportunity, and is a foolproof way to get yourself practicing.


What’s next?

These tips are simple enough, but if you don’t know where to begin looking for your holistic learning experience, or think that searching for all this is too much of a hassle, no fear! Here is the one-stop solution for those of you seeking to learn or improve your English: A Language Program jointly organized by Flying Chalks and GEOS Language Centre in Singapore! Balanced with engaging classes by GEOS and supplementary activities led by Flying Chalks, this program is sure to enhance your learning experience.


Why Singapore?


Singapore is highly regarded in terms of education excellence in Asia. With English as a national language and Chinese widely spoken across the country, Singapore is the ideal place to interact with native English/Chinese speakers and hone your skills. Being a metropolitan melting pot of vibrant cultures, studying in Singapore provides you with the opportunity for experiential learning by discovering the various cultures and religions. In addition, you can make new friends to expand your global network!




Established in 1997, GEOS Language Centre has 20 years of expertise in the education scene and takes pride in their curated educational services. GEOS welcomes students of all nationalities. It is a particularly popular choice among Russians, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and South Korean students, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment to learn in with international students from various countries. For their language classes, GEOS has a team of dedicated and qualified full-time native teachers that will ensure you maximize your learning, through effective teaching methods such as the diagram teaching method below.

In student’s best interest, classes are maintained at a maximum of 16 students to ensure you receive substantial guidance from teachers. The Centre is also situated in the heart of Singapore, making it easily accessible.


Why Flying Chalks?

While GEOS caters to your learning needs, Flying Chalks will serve to make your stay in Singapore as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Travel carefree as Flying Chalks weeds out your travel woes, way before you depart. Aside from helping you find the best options for accommodation and travel insurance, Flying Chalks staff will also warmly welcome you upon your arrival at Changi Airport, to kick-start your Singapore adventure. You will be provided with a travel package upon arrival, which includes an information booklet about Singapore, and a Transport Card for you to get around Singapore with.

In addition, Flying Chalks will provide you with opportunities to participate in guided tours around Singapore to learn about the various cultures, attend happening events or festivals, and make friends with local students so that you can practice what you’ve learnt in class!


Flying Chalks with our English Language Program students on a Singapore National Day-themed tour and outing!

Finally, there is no need to worry about complications as Flying Chalks has a team based in Singapore and will be present to provide you with support, guidance, and answer any of your queries.

We know that it is easy to do research but never actually make a move to start learning the language. To help kick-start your language learning journey, Flying Chalks will offer you a $100 discount if you sign up for any of our programs in the link below today!