10 February 2024

South Korea is currently one of the top study destinations in Asia as there are many high-ranking universities offering a wide range of English-taught programs and scholarships for international students. 

These are the 10 steps to entering a Korean university from start to end, which we guide all our students through.


Step 1: Consultation. Speak to an Admission Expert to find out whether your major is offered in English, the tuition fees and cost of living you can expect, the scholarships available, amongst others. If you have not already done so, you can Sign up for a Free Consultation with our Admission Experts via the link here


Step 2: Eligibility Assessment. Find out whether you are eligible to apply for the schools and programs you are interested in. Oftentimes, students are unaware of each university's unique benchmarks and entry requirements, resulting in money, time and effort wasted when they just blindly put in their applications. 

Hence, we conduct an Eligibility Assessment for all of our students where our Korea Admissions Team do a detailed review of your documents and profile to determine whether you are eligible to study in Korea and what schools and programs are best suited for you. 


Step 3: Prepare all the necessary application documents and work on your portfolio if needed. 


Step 4: Legalise your documents. All Korean universities will require the submission of legalised documents and it takes time to be completed. Hence, you should have all the documents prepared before the start of the application period.


Step 5: Online Application. Take note of each university's application period and submit your application on time. 


Step 6: Offline Submission. You will be requested to physically mail your documents to the university that you are applying to. Ensure that your documents get delivered to the right address and within the application deadline or your university application will be rejected. 


Step 7: Ace your Interview and follow-up on any queries that the university may have. If you are going with our company, we will advise you on the questions you can expect and prepare you for the interview. 


Step 8: If you successfully receive an Offer Letter from the university, pay the necessary fees and complete the enrollment process. 


Step 9: Prepare all the documents for your VISA application and apply for it. 


Finally, pre-departure preparations would include finding your desired accommodation, selecting your courses for the first semester, taking note of orientation dates, amongst others. 

Want to learn more about studying in South Korea? Here at Flying Chalks, we are here to help! From securing a university spot for you to settling your Student VISA and accommodation, our education experts will help you from start to finish without you worrying a single bit. We also have an English-speaking team in South Korea to assist our students should they encounter any problems.



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