01 February 2024

Getting admitted into a Korean University can be a tricky process. Here are some success stories of students that we have helped and gotten them admitted into top universities in South Korea so that you can have more insights into where your chances lie! 

Firstly, we had a student from Singapore with a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from a Polytechnic (i.e. vocational school), with quite a low GPA of just 2.3 out of 4.0. At that time, he was already mentally prepared to enrol in a university that is ranked outside of the top 500 in the world.


Academic Transcript of Student


After he came to us for assistance to study in South Korea, our Korea Admissions Team did a detailed review of his profile to analyse his strengths and weaknesses. Following this, our Admissions Team guided him on how he can write his university essays to portray himself in the best possible light, ensure that he has prepared all his application documents accurately, assist him with his application and advise him on how he can ace his application interview. 


Admission into Yonsei University


Our efforts paid off and we managed to get him admitted into Yonsei University, which is one of the Top 3 universities in South Korea and currently ranked #79 in the World! 

Next, we have a student from the United States. She had graduated from high school and was pursuing a course in Film and Television. However, she realised that her real interest lies in Music but had little background knowledge and experience. As South Korea is well-known for its Music industry, she was very keen on furthering her studies there.

Similarly, our Korea Admissions Team first did a detailed review of her profile. Following this, we guided her on how she could create a Music Portfolio from scratch for the university application, ensured that she had prepared all her application documents accurately, and advised her on how she could write her university essays to showcase her passion for the Major, amongst others.  


Acceptance into Sejong University


In the end, we managed to get her admitted into Sejong University's Music Program, which is also taught entirely in English! 

Korea offers plenty of scholarships for international students. You can learn more about how you can Study in Korea for Free!

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