18 January 2024

While studying abroad in Korea is already a highly affordable option compared to other popular destinations, students are also able to study entirely for free! In this article, we share with you how we managed to help a student study in Korea at no cost. 

The Global Korea Scholarship, also known as the GKS, is a full scholarship offered by the Korean government and the only scholarship that allows you to study in Korea for free without being restricted to a particular university. 

The GKS covers your full tuition fees, one year of Korean language learning, airfare and medical insurance. In addition, it also provides you with a generous monthly allowance that can cover the cost of your meals and accommodation, as well as some other allowances such as one for helping you with the initial settlement phase in Korea and another for your Thesis printing fee. 

With such a generous scholarship, you can probably expect that getting it would be highly competitive and you would not only have to be a good student, but also submit one of the best applications! 


Hanyang University, blue, window, plant, facade, building, landmark, woody plant, majorelle blue, mixed use, home, midnight, mansion, yard, campus, balloon, estate, headquarters, town square, landscape lighting

Hanyang University in South Korea


Flying Chalks had a student from Singapore who was keen to pursue a Master's Degree in Korea but the only way she could afford was by getting the GKS. She then came to us for help to increase her chances of success. 

Our Admissions Team first had several rounds of in-depth consultations to help her determine which 3 Korean universities she should select for her GKS application. Next, our Korea Admissions Team did a detailed review of her profile to analyse her strengths and weaknesses and advised her on how she can write her university essays to portray herself in the best possible light. We also guided her on all the documents she needed to prepare and how she should go about doing so. The entire stack of documents we submitted consisted of a few hundred pages! 

With the application, we managed to get her through the first stage of review. For the second stage, there is an interview conducted by the Korean embassy and our team guided her on the questions she can expect and how she can prepare for it to ace the interview. 

With our combined effort, we managed to get her enrolled at Yonsei University, which is one of the top 3 universities in South Korea, and secure her the Global Korea Scholarship which is worth US$40,000! With the GKS, she can complete her studies in Korea with all expenses paid for!


YONSEI University, Seoul, Korea

Yonsei University in South Korea


However, it is important to note that getting this scholarship is not easy and you will have to invest some money to put in your application first, without any guarantee of receiving the scholarship.


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