By Flying Chalks
23 August 2022

All-you-need-to-know guide to studying in Korea (Chapter 3/3)

- Learning Korean in South Korea


Have you always had the desire to learn and understand the Korean culture and traditions? Always craving to learn the Korean language or work in Korean companies in the future? You might or have already been searching for Korean language tutors to start developing your Korean language skills. But, have you considered learning Korean in South Korea? If you have not, you should and here are the reasons why you should!


#1 Difference in level of teaching

Comparing studying in your home country and in Korea, the image below shows a succinct overview of important factors for consideration.

Firstly, the hourly rate for learning Korean in Korea is much cheaper compared to learning it in your home country. In the case of Singapore, the cost is twice of that in Korea. Furthermore, the class dynamics are very different. Learning in your home country meant attending class with your fellow citizens, whereas learning in Korea allows you to attend class and interact with international friends from all over the world!

There is also a stark difference in terms of the learning pace. In Korea, you will undergo intensive learning with 4 hours of lessons daily, 5 days a week. The curriculum there also offers a good mix of focus on both speaking and writing and often include activities such as cultural field trips. On the contrary, the curriculum offered in your home country is typically at a much slower pace and offers lesser activities. Teachers also tend to focus more on writing and leave you with little opportunities to practice speaking.

Following from the above, you will find yourself learning at up to 5 times the speed for half the cost in the same amount of time! In addition, at the end of your course of study in Korea, you would obtain a language proficiency certificate issued by a renowned university in South Korea. This offers far greater recognition compared to the certificate that you get from your local language school. Therefore, it is much more worthwhile to study Korean in Korea!


#2 Higher level of proficiency improvement

By studying Korean in Korea, there will be more opportunities to interact and communicate with locals. Putting yourself in an environment where its mother tongue is Korean, you will hear, read and use Korean for every part of your life. It forces to apply what you have learnt to good use and the experience can be pretty rewarding as well! The constant practice and usage of Korean will also contribute to you achieving a higher level of Korean proficiency in a shorter period of time.

For a start, one good way to increase your interaction with locals is by joining volunteering programs organized by student groups in the Korean university that you are studying in or by the local communities. People in these programs are generally very friendly and welcoming of foreigners. It creates a good opportunity for you to practice your Korean, make some local friends, and at the same time, contribute back to the society.


#3 Immerse yourself in the culture


What makes learning Korean in Korea differ greatly from learning in your home country is that you can truly immerse yourself in the Korean culture to gain a better appreciation of the language you are learning.

Many universities in Korea offer language programs that also include activities such as visiting the ceramic village and Hanok village (Korean traditional village) or cooking Korean food and learning Korean manners. These activities not only allow you to learn and experience the beauty of Korean traditions, but also add an extra fun element to your Korean classes.

Being in Korea also meant that you can take the chance to travel all around the Korean peninsula; from metropolitan Seoul and neighbouring cities of Chuncheon and Suwon, to the port city of Busan and the scenic island of Jeju! As Korean language lessons typically take up just half a day each day, you will still have plenty of time to make day trips on weekdays and then go for longer getaways over the weekends.


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