08 January 2024

South Korea has been rising in popularity as a study-abroad destination. However, a question we still often receive from students is: Are Korean Universities "Recognised"? Specifically, they are concerned about their career prospects after graduation.

In one of our previous article, we shared how some Korean universities are comparable in ranking with well-known universities such as UCLA (31st), Monash University (55th), and Durham University (78th). At present, 8 universities in Korea are ranked among the Top 1% of Universities in the World and 18 universities are ranked among the Top 2% in the World. This shows that Korean universities are highly regarded in the World. 


Rankings of Korea's Top Universities


Rankings aside, most private companies and even the public sector often do not specify which universities they recognise or do not recognise. Quoting directly from the Singapore government's website as an example, it states that no central authority assesses or accords recognition to degrees for employment in the Public Service. In general, degrees from universities recognised by the home government of the country where the university is located will be considered for appointment into the Public Service.

Companies and organisations nowadays take into greater consideration the applicant's skill sets, relevant experience, personality and team fit, amongst others. Only for positions in specialised fields, such as legal and medical services, there is typically a more stringent list of universities and programs recognised by the governing body. This also differs with each country and you can speak to us more about it should you be considering a career in a specialised field. 


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