30 January 2024

Singapore's education system has earned global acclaim, consistently securing top positions in international rankings. With a PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) score well above the OECD average and consistent high rankings in global education indices, Singapore's commitment to academic excellence and innovative teaching approaches is evident in its impressive statistics.

In this article, we explore the different pathways that international students can take to study at a high school in Singapore.


1. Public High Schools

Public high schools come in the form of a Junior College or Polytechnic. Junior Colleges (a.k.a JCs) typically provide a two-year pre-university program leading to the GCE Advanced Level (A-Level) examinations. Polytechnics, on the other hand, focus on practical and hands-on skills, offering diploma courses spanning three years. 

Admission to Junior Colleges or Polytechnics depends on available spots and the school's internal assessment criteria. Most Singaporean students are enrolled in a public high school and would usually step into one of these after completing the GCE O Level program.


Green Campus

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Campus


2. Private Education Institutions (PEI) / International Schools

Private high schools come in the form of an International School or a Private Education Institute. 

Most international schools in Singapore typically offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Unlike the traditional A-level route, the IB Program is known for its holistic approach, focusing on six subject groups. While this program is not taken by most Singaporean students, the IB Diploma is recognised worldwide and a good option for those seeking a well-rounded education. 

Private Education Institutes (a.k.a PEIs) are another alternative for international students. Schools such as PSB Academy or TMC Academy offer foundation programs that eventually lead to a Bachelor's degree for students who have completed Grade 9. 

Admission into a PEI would be the easiest amongst all the high school options and would usually just require sufficient English language proficiency. In addition, students who enrol in a PEI after Grade 9 can graduate with a Bachelor's degree as young as 19 years old! 


A new ACventure into the ACverse!

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)


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