31 January 2024

Singapore's education system has been consistently ranked as one of the world's best by the OECD. According to the PISA study, which evaluates educational systems globally, Singapore also achieves the highest performance and holds the top position in global rankings. It is hence, of no surprise that Singapore is a highly favoured destination for parents to send their child to. 

This article covers the different pathways international students can take to enter a Singapore Secondary/Middle School, as well as the ins and outs of securing admission!


1. Public Secondary School

For students aspiring to join a public secondary school for Secondary levels 1 to 3 (Grade 7 to 9), the key step is taking the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS). This assessment includes English and Mathematics tests, and admission is contingent on the student's performance. The AEIS usually commences in July, with successful applicants commencing school in January of the following year. Those unable to participate in the AEIS can explore the Supplementary AEIS (S-AEIS) option.

If you feel uncertain about exam success, we at Flying Chalks offer assistance in enrolling you in an AEIS Preparatory Program provided by accredited private institutions in Singapore!


File:St Gabriel's Secondary School, Singapore 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

A secondary school in Singapore.


2. Private Education Institution (PEI) / International School

For students eyeing admission to a private secondary school, such as a Private Education Institution (PEI) or an International School, each school sets its own admission criteria. Be prepared for interviews, tests, and an examination of your academic background as part of the admission process.

Unlike public schools, most private secondary schools don't require standardized tests and aren't bound by admission quota restrictions, making admission relatively easier. However, prestigious private institutions like Anglo-Chinese School (International) or Hwa Chong International School may pose a greater challenge than public schools.

Keep in mind that tuition fees for private schools are generally higher than those of public schools.


Home - Hwa Chong International School

Hwa Chong International School.


Still thinking about whether to study in Singapore? Learn more about Studying in Singapore, to help guide you to making the right decision. 


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