25 January 2024

Explore the "FINE" city of Singapore, renowned for its strict rules and etiquettes, but making it one of the safest and cleanest countries! Here is part 2 of things NOT to do in Singapore to ensure you seamlessly blend into the local culture and steer clear of potential fines.


1. Don't leave food or litter behind at hawker centres

Singapore has recently implemented a mandatory clean-up rule post-meal at coffee shops or hawker centres. Leaving behind any litter on dining tables is considered an offence and could result in fines of at least S$300, especially for repeat offenders.


2. Don't make anti-semantic remarks

A lesser-known fact is that making anti-religious remarks is legally punishable in Singapore. Given its diverse and multi-religious society, Singapore places immense importance on fostering harmony among people of different cultures, races, and religions.


Chinatown in Singapore


3. Don't vandalise public property

Additionally, refrain from engaging in vandalism while in Singapore. Committing acts of vandalism, even seemingly minor ones like spray painting on public property, can lead to imprisonment for up to 3 years, caning with a minimum of 3 strokes, and a fine of up to S$2,000.


4. Don't violate trespassing rules

Before attempting any daring stunts or violating trespassing rules, think twice. In 2021, a 19-year-old attempted a backflip in the rhinoceros enclosure at the Singapore Zoo, resulting in criminal trespass. The consequences included a potential fine of up to S$1,500 and a maximum jail term of 3 months.


5. Don't sit at tables with personal items at hawker centres

Lastly, avoid occupying hawker tables with personal items like tissue packs. Singaporeans follow a unique practice called "chope," where they reserve seats by placing belongings on them. Avoid sitting at a table marked in this manner to respect local customs.


Hawker Centre | When the Singapore government decided to tak… | Flickr

Hawker centre in Singapore. 


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