By Nhi
24 August 2022

When it comes to choosing an accommodation in South Korea, there are many options available for students to consider. Today, we will share with you some of the common types of accommodation that students would go for!  

Firstly, we have the university dormitory. University dorms usually cost between US$300 - $500 per month. These dorms are typically located within the school campus, which makes it very convenient to get to school. 


Hanyang University dormitory

Secondly, we have the goshiwons (aka one-roomtels). A goshiwon is a one-room accommodation usually located within walking distance from the university with an internal layout similar to that of a school dormitory. The room size typically ranges from 8-12sqm or 86-129 sq ft and comes furnished with basic furniture like the bed, study desk, chair and wardrobe. The room may also come with its own private toilet & shower. You can check out a number of goshiwons available on our website (link here)

A typical Goshiwon room

Goshiwons will cost around US$300 - $500 a month. The fee includes utilities, Wi-Fi, detergent for laundry, and even free food in the shared kitchen such as rice, kimchi, ramen, and more! 

Finally, we have studio apartments. Studio apartments' room sizes will typically be bigger, with monthly rentals ranging from US$600 - $1,000. On top of that, most landlords will collect a security deposit that is worth minimally 6 months' rental; ranging from US$3,500 to as high as US$10,000. Students will need to sign a Rental Agreement as well. This option is only suitable for students who will be staying for a minimum of 6 months.

Studio Apartment in South Korea

We will be comparing for you the pros and cons of each accommodation.

Starting with University Dormitories, the benefits of staying in dorms are that it is usually located within the school itself and you are living with many other students, making it easier to socialize with your schoolmates. However, the downsides are the many strict rules you have to follow. A common one is having a curfew that you have to abide by or risk spending the night outside. Also, you are not allowed to smoke or bring alcohol into the dorms.

Goshiwons are generally similar to university dormitories in terms of room size and cost. People staying at Goshiwons are also mostly students from the same university. The upsides of staying in a goshiwon are that there is more privacy and far fewer restrictions. There are NO curfews and tenants are allowed to bring alcohol into their rooms. The environment at Goshiwon is also usually quieter and more peaceful compared to university dormitories. 

Finally, we have Studio Apartments. Studio apartments’ room size will be bigger than that of a university dormitory or goshiwon and comes with the greatest level of freedom. However, renting a studio apartment will be more expensive and complicated. For instance, studio apartments would usually require a minimum of six months security deposit and students would have to stay for six months or more. On top of that, studio apartments require students to sign a Rental Agreement and there may be agent fees involved if you choose to engage an agent to assist you in the process. 

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