By Johnny McNulty
15 June 2017

Traveling is a great way to experience other cultures, cities, cuisines, and crimes, and that's why JustTheFlight created this guide to the world's 40 most common tourist scams, broken down by category. The guide also includes where each type of petty crime can be found—as a New Yorker, I can tell you that "The Music Artist" scam is real and best dealt with using a firm, respectful stream of obscenities. It's truly amazing the variety of crime out there, from bag-stealing cabbies in Las Vegas, to old fashioned gypsy kids in Italy, to New Delhi's "Dodgy Doctors." Travel the world and experience it all!

1. Street Crimes.



2. Transportation Scams.


3. Transaction and Authority Scams.


4. Fake-Friendly Locals and Truly Irritating Children.


5. Hotel scams—you don't even have to leave the room!