By Jemma Campbell
23 June 2023

My name is Jemma and I'm currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland (UQ). Studying at UQ has always been a dream of mine. This is because, during school, we would go on excursions to the St Lucia campus, and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful buildings and the abundance of opportunities they offered.

Throughout senior school, I realised I had a raw passion for biology and was in awe of how incredible the human body is. As well as this, I want to leave a positive and meaningful legacy. After weighing all of this up, I landed on pursuing a career as a doctor, and at the moment, I’m aiming to be a rural GP. Then when the QTAC preferences came out, it seemed like a no-brainer to apply for UQ and study Biomedical Science, as a pathway to a Doctor of Medicine.



At first, studying at a university such as UQ can seem daunting due to its sheer size in comparison to high school. Especially, navigating the campus and meeting students within your cohort. However, after a week or two, that nervous feeling is suddenly transformed into pure excitement and ambition. My course, alike many others, includes a variety of teaching styles, including lectures, tutorials, practicals, and peer-assisted learning, which mostly can be done online or on campus. Due to this, I found it easier than I thought to connect with students within my cohort, who are now some of my closest friends.

The culture at UQ continues to surprise me, with how including and encouraging all the clubs and societies are. I’ve noticed it's natural to feel hesitant to join new groups, however without fail, everyone I've met within these groups has loved their experience. One thing in particular that I have enjoyed and noticed more as I progress through my degree is the networking opportunities. It’s so much easier to meet people with similar interests and increase your connections at events/in groups. They are also simply so much fun. There are balls for most faculty, study groups, day trips, and so much more.

Another aspect I love about UQ, and most places around Brisbane, is their love for the sport. Most semesters I join a social sport team, and I can’t express enough how fun these are. It doesn’t get much better than jumping on a court with your mates and having a good game.

Walking at the Sunshine Coast 


Outside of UQ culture, it's also located in Brisbane city, meaning it’s only a quick trip away from the popular Queensland beaches. My personal favourite thing to do on the weekends or during holidays is to drive up to the Sunshine Coast and head to the beach. Another great option at the sunshine coast is to climb the Glass House Mountains. Or if you wanted to stay closer to campus, taking a stroll around the Brisbane River is always nice!

Bribie Island 


If I could pass on any advice to a future, or even a current UQ student, I would say to embrace opportunities with open arms. Meet heaps of people, go to events and soak up the stunning views. Also, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new study spots and groups.

Studying at UQ

On the whole, UQ is a great option to fulfil your ambitions. It’s definitely changed the trajectory of my life, by amplifying my drive to leave a positive legacy, and by providing me with the resources to do so. You’ll be surrounded by motivated students who want to positively impact the world, by channelling their own talents and passions. And after a day of classes, or in between study breaks, you’re immersed in the beautiful scenery and great coffee shops.